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Frequently Asked Questions Below

Frequently Asked Questions

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

We accept Direct debit as its the most convenient and safe way to pay for your monthly window cleaning service. As we service your property once a month this prevents payment building up. It also makes it very easy to keep track of payments for you and us. We no longer accept cash as carrying cash presents a security issue and it requires handling. For these reasons we now only accept payment via direct debit. Payment only comes out after we've cleaned. 

How safe is Direct debit? 

Direct debit payments are made through GoCardless - a payments company, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All payments are fully covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. You'll be notified via email 3 days before any payment is debited. 

Do you offer one-off Cleans? 

Due to the changing weather in our country the vast majority of customers prefer monthly cleaning schedules to maintain a clear view. Cleaning on a monthly basis allows our schedules to be efficient and this allows us to pass on very good value prices to our customers. We are currently only taking on monthly customers.

Do you clean Bi-Monthly? 

We are currently only taking on Monthly customers. The vast majority of customers prefer reliable monthly cleaning since the windows are usually quite dirty after a whole month of British weather. Cleaning on a monthly basis allows our schedules to be simple and efficient and this allows us to pass on very good value prices to our customers. 

Do you always clean consistently every month all year round? 

Yes! Even through the winter. We actually find the winter to be the dirtiest time of year! We have been carrying out a reliable monthly service year-round for over 13 years. We will give you the date of your next clean each time we call. 

Do you clean all the frames and sills? 

Yes! Our cleaning system is very thorough. We clean all your PVC Frames and Sills. We also clean all your doors. 

Can you make my PVC white again? 

Your PVC will look much better after a thorough wash down, although please bear in mind over time UV light opens pores in PVC. With the pollution in the air your framework can become discoloured and stained. While our service includes washing your PVC we cannot restore aged window frames. 

Will you get all deposits off my windows? 

We clean to the highest standard possible using pure water and the results are absolutely superb. However if your glass has immovable deposits on it, such as cement we may not be able to remove this as it could scratch your glass in the process. There are ways to remove cement and this can be done carefully with a safe detergent. It is usually more time consuming - please ask us if you would like us to remove this for you.

What if I no longer require the service? 

Cancelling is very simple, but please let us know! There's no contract so you may cancel anytime. Payment always comes out after your clean so please ensure you have paid for your last clean before cancelling your direct debit. If you don't let us know we will likely keep calling back! 

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